2014 Reverse Gift Guide

Last time we posted, I mocked the idea of a holiday gift guide – all the major tech blogs do it, and I’m purposely trying to go against the grain. So, what better than a reverse-gift guide? That’s right. These are the 3 worst tech gifts that you absolutely do not want to buy for your friends and family (unless you loathe them). It’s the 3 gadgets you’ll want to avoid purchasing this Christmas season. You get the idea.

Ring by Logbar


Plenty of hay has been made about how bad the Ring by Logbar. I haven’t actually tried it myself (why in the world would be buy this idiotic looking ring), but I feel like I’ve read enough negative feedback on this ill-advised product to be able to comment on it. First thing – it doesn’t at all do what it’s supposed to. Apparently, the gestures register correctly about 5% of the time – and Logbar tech support confirmed that this was in the ‘normal’ range and not due to a defective model.

Also, apparently the majority of gestures don’t work unless you have the app open. That’s right. Before you use the ‘convenient’ gestures (that work 5% of the time), you first have to take your phone out of your pocket, unlock it, and open the app. Doesn’t that sound convenient? It sure does to me…

Oh, also, in case you were worried the ring looks stupid – well, you’d be spot on. Imagine having a chunky plastic ring on your finger that essentially stops you from doing such everyday things like closing a fist, or gripping a door handle comfortably. That’s what this is. Not to mention that the thing doesn’t work, so you’re really just wearing a big white plastic ring as a fashion statement.

Myris by Eyelock


For $279.99, you can have this ball that you can use to unlock your computer. I mean, typing a password into your computer is clearly way too much work, so here’s a ball that you can hold up to you eye to do the same thing. And it only costs $279.99!

OK, I’ll give this company a little bit of credit – apparently eye-scanning is more accurate than any other identification method other than DNA. So I’ll give them that – the security is good. But from my perspective, everything else about this product is kind of a nightmare – firstly, why would you want a hockey puck on your desk where every time you need to unlock something on your computer, you need to hold it up to your face? Not to mention you’re required to remove your glasses, so that’s about a third of the population for whom using this product is a major inconvenience.

Basically, this thing may be more secure, but it’s slower, you can’t really use it if you wear glasses, you need to hold it up to your eye every time you want to log in to something, and it costs $279.99. Additional disadvantage – people who use eye-scanning security are inevitably at risk of being Demolition-Manned by Wesley Snipes, and nobody wants that.



You ever feel like you’re not being watched enough? Do you ever pace around your house, wishing that you’d be monitored more heavily by the NSA? Well, this creepy dystopian doll device (aptly called Mother) will help you feel like you’re 100% properly under surveillance.

The first issue I have with this is that it’s pretty damn creepy. The beady eyes and menacing smile just scream ‘At first I’m just going to be a hi tech device but at a later point in this story I will become self aware and haunt you’. This is like the 21st century equivalent of a creepy haunted doll. I feel like if this thing lost the face, it would be significantly less creepy and I might be able to actually consider whether it’s useful or not. But we can’t get over the creepiness.

Also, who’s really out there actively looking for more nagging in their life. I’m certainly not. They even called their product ‘Mother’, which obviously means even the production team know how irritating this product could turn out to be. You stick a little ‘cookie’ on your toothbrush, and if you don’t brush your teeth, ‘Mother’ will know. Even without the creepy factor it sounds like a nightmare.

Surely there’s a less creepy, less irritating way of creating a device that reminds you to do stuff.


Amazing (looking) Gadgets coming in 2015

Well, we’re winding up the year, and rather than being boring and typical and commercial and doing some sort of silly ‘holiday season gadget gift guide’ or something idiotic like that, instead I’m going to skip over the over-commercialized holiday shopping season and instead jump right into 2015. There is some awesome looking stuff coming out in 2015, some of which you’ve probably heard of and some of which is probably entirely new to you and will totally rock your world.

2015 will (probably) see new breakthroughs in a whole bunch of tech areas – wearables will start becoming more and more common, virtual reality is going to be a thing, and it’s likely that we’ll see the first bendable phone as well as maybe a house-robot that can actually do stuff instead of just take up space. Anyways, no more filler from us – here’s the list of tech we’re most excited for in 2015.

Virtuix Omni

Virtuix Omni

Being the proud nerd that I am, I’m an avid gamer and the Virtuix Omni has me mega excited. There have been a few delays in terms of the actual units shipping out (which is why I could put it on this list – it was originally suppose to ship end of 2014), but I’m optimistic that it’ll be released in 2015. While the reviews of the Omni haven’t all been totally positive, and certainly it seems like there are at least a few flaws on their design, I have a ton of respect for any company that tries to do something this big. I don’t expect the very first version of the Omni to be perfect . We’ll see if the first release is any good, and I hope the company behind the Omni keeps plugging away at it – eventually, they’ll come up with a design that’s so good we can go full-holodeck on it. That’s the future of gaming, and boy am I pumped.

Oculus Rift

If you’re into tech or gaming at all, you’ve almost definitely heard of the rift. You’ve seen the grandma’s on youtube react to it, you’ve seen the Nigerian security guard fall over using it – the reaction videos are pretty much endless. This is probably the gadget that I’m the most pumped for, and people who have actually used the Rift almost universally report that it is quite an incredibly experience. There are probably a few naysayers out there who’re skeptical now that Facebook bought the company, but in my opinion, anything that will get VR into my hands faster and better is a good thing. True VR has been a long time coming, and now the technology finally exists for a consumer-affordable VR headset. Exciting times.

Bendable Phone/Tablet

bendable phone

OK, I’m not entirely sure that this will be a reality in 2015, but bear with me – it seems like Samsung is working hard on this tech, so it could very well be that we see the first bendable phone or tablet released commercially near the end of 2015. While I’m not a big fan of the rounded/curved screens that they’ve put out so far, a truly bendable phone would be amazing – imagine rolling up your phone so it takes up less room in your pocket. Presumably, a bendable device will also be more durable than a typical smartphone – if you drop it, it’ll bend rather than break. While this tech wouldn’t be life changing, I do  think it would be pretty cool to have, so I’m excited to see if it becomes widely available in 2015.



So far, I’m not really that impressed with the watches and… well, it’s mostly watches – anyways, I’m not impressed with the wearables that have come to market. But I’m guessing that will change dramatically in 2015 – whether its the high tech motorcycle helmet or the golf glove that will up your game, I think the wearables that are coming in 2015 will be far better than those we saw in 2014 as companies niche down their products and provide real solutions to actual problems rather than just offer us a stripped-down smartphone in watch/bracelet form.

So, this is the stuff that I’m most excited for in 2015. What are you amped up about?


Sweet Reggie’s Tech Blog

Hello nerds.

This blog is a long-time in the making. I’m Sweet Reggie (www.reggiejohnson.com was taken),  and I’ve had a long held fascination with cutting edge gadgets and gizmos – and this is my attempt to turn my passion into something productive. Here on my blog, I’ll be following the latest trends in the tech world, discussing amazing, new-fangled thingmabobs and reviewing stuff that looks so cool you want to to put your head through a window.

Don’t think I’m just a hype man though – as a longtime tech nerd, I’ll try to help you separate the hype and the real stuff – so you don’t end up paying $269.99 for a huge Ring that is basically completely useless excellent for a)Use as a paperweight when you don’t really mind if the papers fly everywhere or b) useful for scaring away members of the opposite (or same) gender. Sure – like all tech people, I get super hyped for amazing prototypes and I’ll occasionally be overly enthusiastic about stuff – but I’m also going to try my damnedest to never recommend you buy something that doesn’t deliver.

You can also trust what you read here because I’m really just a regular guy and I have no ties whatsover with the tech/gadget industry (unlike many other tech blogs). I don’t get free swag, I don’t have friends in the industry, and I don’t work in the industry – the only relationship that I do have is one where I pay loads of money for the stuff they make. In other words, I’m a consumer, just like you. So you can at least trust that if I ever recommend something that’s terrible, it’s likely because I’m an idiot, and not because I’m getting paid to promote a product.

Another thing that separates this blog from your typical tech blog is that there’s no editors- Ill pretty much say whatever I want in whatever tone I want. There’s no guideline for how I’m going to write here – the writing will be as informal or as formal as I feel like on any given day. I’ll also be using copious amounts of stupid meme pictures, funny gifs, and all the other good stuff you’d expect to find on a random blog run by an idiot nobody.

I’ve tentatively split the different type of stuff I want to talk about into a few different sections – this is pretty much just for clarity. In particular, I’d like to point out the ‘futurology’ section – this will be for stuff that is nowhere near coming out, and sometimes it may not even be gadget related at all – for example, Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is not really a gadget, but it’s a piece of technology that I think would be super cool if it existed, so we might talk about that. Same thing with Google’s self-driving cars, news about AI, and other similar ‘futuristic’ or ‘sci-fi’ stuff – basically anything that sounds incredibly futuristic and isn’t an actual product will go into futurology.

So stay tuned nerds (I use the term affectionately) – you have a new place to read tech and gadget news.